Prolimit Windsurf Waist Harness Argon BarLoc 2021 rot

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Maximum back support on a low profle. Extremely comfortable with a neoprene inside and molded EVA pillow. Made out of the patented PURE TM material. PURE TM is recyclable, environment friendly, buoyant (lighter than water) and cannot splinter as it is not fberglass or resin based. The neoprene and molded EVA inside skin has maximum comfort. The internal neoprene belt ensures grip and justifability to suit the riders needs.The Barloc is a PROLIMIT original. The ladder bar is a simple and clutter free system. Intergrated into this system is a locked in clutter free leaver to make sure the bar is locked in under extreme power. Giving you peace of mind during your sessions. Internal neoprene high grip belt patented PURE material outside construction High power optimized outline profle patented BarLoc PLT bar system Neoprene inside and molded EVA inside skin Internal load plate Mark V
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Baujahr 2021
Hersteller Prolimit
Zustand Neu
Lieferzeit 3-9 Tage
Farbe Rot / Schwarz
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