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You can only complain to us for items that have also been purchased in our shop. The article was delivered defective. What should I do now? We very much regret that you received a defective item. Please contact us immediately via email within 1 day of delivery so that we can clarify whether the item has been damaged in transit. If the defect is reported at a later date, we have to assume that the item broke during use. The complaint processing is different in this case. The item was damaged during the warranty period. Is there a complaint? Our warranty (2 years on new products, 1 year on used products) includes material and workmanship defects. On the other hand, the warranty does not cover damage caused by normal use or wear and tear over time, as well as damage caused by accidents and poor maintenance. Processing of the complaint

1. Send us a complaint request via email.
2. Describe the damage as precisely as possible and enclose at least 3 pictures.
3. We also need the following information from you: full name, invoice, date of purchase, telephone number
4. After receiving your complaint request, we will contact you immediately.
5. The costs of returning the goods are to be borne by the buyer.

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