Norden Surfboard Malibu 7´2x 22x 2 3/4, 50L

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PU/Polyester/ Spray Design, fins included: FCS M3, different color options available - please ask
The norden (Mini-) Malibu is the ultimate wave-catcher for every aspiring surfer. This shape is the result of our aim to offer you a board that will get you up & gliding in no time. We reviewed the tried and tested ‘malibu design’ to develop a new version that is shortened to give you maximum manoeuvrability and less hassle when you are paddling out through the breaking waves. At the same time we made the board wider, and added some extra volume, to give you more paddle-speed and stability. With this innovative combination you will be unstoppable in any type of fun surf!
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Preis 599,00 €
Baujahr 2019
Hersteller Norden
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