Norden Surfboard Fish First Ride 6´4

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EPS/Epoxy/Sandwhich, fins included: dfs M, different color options available - please ask
The first Ride Fish is a fantastic board for your first steps into shortboarding. The wider nose paddles easy into the wave, higher volume help you carry the speed wether it is paddeling or riding, the wing-swallow tail ads great manoeuvrability. Available in our undistructable Epoxy/EPS wood sandwhich construction. Our “First Ride” models are made in a strong and durable “eps/epoxy” construction with extra layers of glass and design applied on the outside of the board. Ideal for surf school and rentals, as well as people that need a super durable surfboard for the whole family, that can take some serious beatings.
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Preis 469,00 €
Baujahr 2019
Hersteller Norden
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