Peter Lynn Hornet

Peter Lynn Hornet

Peter Lynn Voltage

Peter Lynn Voltage

Peter Lynn Vapor II

Peter Lynn Vapor II

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Passion for racing perfected

The Vapor is the ultimate high performance fixed bridle kite. Built for top level kite buggy racing, it pushes the envelope in every aspect, from its flat out performance to its exceptional build quality. This new iteration of the world renowned Peter Lynn Vapor is not only faster than its predecessor, it is also more stable, more reliable, it’s more agile, has better upwind performance and offers a bigger challenge to master its full potential. 

The Vapor makes it easy to go fast, yet it offers a continuous challenge in perfecting your riding and will satisfy your appetite for speed every time you go out. You will be hard pressed to find a kite that matches the outstanding characteristics the Vapor has to offer.


The Vapor is delivered ‘kite only’ or complete, containing:

  • Vapor kite
  • Vapor bag
  • 4-line bridles foil manual


The Vapor is available in the following sizes:

2.7m², 3.2m², 3.8m², 4.4m², 5.2m², 6.2m², 7.3m², 8.6m², 10.1m², 12.0m², 14.1m² & 16.6m²

Vapor colour combinations:

  • Aqua – orange – blue (aqua bottom skin)
  • Grey – lime – grey (white bottom skin)
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