Norden Malibu Tripple Travel Boardbag 8´0

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nylon, polyprop, 10mm foam padding, fin pocket, gasset, carry handle, vent.-system
The norden Air Travel Coffin is the ‘multi-board’ version of the Air Travel Boardbag. It is the cover of choice for all of you who feel that one board is never enough to travel with. The Coffin provides room for up 4 of your favorite weapons. Also equipped with 10mm of robust foam padding, you can be sure that your precious quiver will arrive unharmed. If you can find the strength to limit yourself to a meager 3 boards, then there will even be enough room for all the other essentials for an epic surf-trip (wetsuit, boardshorts, leashes etc.). All Norden Airtravel Coffin come WITHOUT wheels to safe weight. This boardbag weights only 4.5 kg
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Preis 269,90 €
Baujahr 2019
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